V i k t o r 
H u r s k a i n e n

music for film, TV and games

A b o u t

My name is Viktor Hurskainen and I am a composer for media currently based in Helsinki, Finland. I believe that music and sound add a layer of emotion, depth and energy that takes any media to new dimensions. I produce bespoke music for everything from films, TV, documentaries and advertising to games, apps and podcasts using professional studio equipment and software. With over 15 years of musical experience and 1st class Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from leading music schools in London, I have a deep knowledge of music, storytelling and production, enabling me to create effective and captivating music to support the purpose of the project. Through my experiences I have developed a unique and versatile sound that crosses genre barriers in fresh and exciting ways. Outisde my media work I produce electronic music under the alias Teniak. Please get in touch to start discussing your project or for more information about me and my music.


The process begins with the most important thing - your vision. 
We’ll discuss your idea for the project in detail; purpose, mood, energy and values are all important elements in order to find the right sound. The next step is for me to start working on basic ideas that capture exactly what you want and then report back to you. Some of the key elements of this stage are instrumentation, mood and tempo. Once we have found the sound for your project I will flesh it out to a full piece of music that you can then review and comment on. After possible alterations we go into mixing and mastering. These last stages will take the music to a higher standard in terms of sound by balancing, enhancing and bringing clarity to the overall sound. Once all this is done you will have the final product delivered to you in high-quality audio files.